A great pick-up-anytime read. Gathering the collective wisdom of The Author personal finance bloggers, it got upbeat, money-saving ideas on traveling, cooking, entertaining, working and schooling. Here just one: 25 Great Gifts for $5 or Less. Basically, it how to live frugally without feeling you did.
Claudia Buck
Sacramento Bee

Making the most of your money has never been easier. Instead of covering broad and often dry financial concepts, this book jumps right into tips that anyone can start using from the moment they pick up the book.
Jeremy Vohwinkle Guide to Financial Planning

This Book to Live Large on a Small Budget is a treasure-trove of innovative, practical ideas for saving money without sacrificing the joy in life. What perfect timing for this dough-saving advice from The Author crack team of personal finance bloggers!
Jeff Yeager
Author of The Ultimate Cheapskate Road Map to True Riches

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